been so busy that I’ve just seen some anonymous

Ah… I’ve been so busy that I’ve just seen some anonymous writings.

This time, I went with Eun-mi to an event called “Happy Unification.”

On December 29th, we left at 12:00 p.m. and arrived at 2:00 a.m. on January 2nd.

It was a time when the heads of student councils gathered at Mt. Geumgang to hold a joint meeting and tour.

The motive was to broaden our horizons…

In accidents and lives that seem to be always confined by the nature of nursing…

If we don’t make our students happy… I don’t want to be left behind by other students.

I also went to Yeongdo to make friends with the chairmen.

I was whining because I didn’t want to go until the day before.

blaming my new bird for being forced to follow Eun-mi. I went… –;;

It’s true that all the school presidents from all over the country have gathered… We shared our opinions on tuition negotiations.

I also listened to Professor Kang Jung-gu’s lecture on unification…

We discussed unification.

I watched the performance of Moranbong Symphony. It’s really great, but…

I saw the North Korean army. I went hiking at Mt. Geumgang.

I saw the sunrise at Haegeum River. Ha~~~

We also think about the combined organizational construction of 3 million university students.

It was a great time…

I learned a lot during that time.

Dividing the successful ways in which each school negotiated tuition fees.

If you go in there… It’s the foundation of each school, but…

I found that there was a problem with education policy that did not apply properly to school.

Three million university students… There’s going to be a general election soon.

This 3 million vote will never pass easily.

So there was a suggestion that we should unite and become students who can change the policy that is fundamental to the tuition problem.

You’re absolutely right.

A mindset about reunification or… When I look at the chairmen who are deeply concerned about the common problems of university students in our country…

And there’s something else we can’t even think about. Watching them worry for their students…

I learned so much…

Of course, Eunmi and I only thought about our school. Ten thousand…

How big a thought is. I felt it and came back.

I once again made up my mind that our student council really has to work harder to collect the opinions of our students.

Oh, and… There is something else I want to say.It’s okay to criticize me for being wrong.Haha

First of all, I will let you know that your school schedule is your authority.

But… if we’re going to take a lot of action…It’s true that I wanted you to converge.

Seeing the professors who reject our opinion…

I’m sorry to all of you. I was embarrassed.

But… our student council just… After March, school schedule was set like this.

I could have said that businesses had no choice but to do this, but

I wanted to share my students’ opinions through the event.

We made the position, ready to be cursed again…

Of course, it was hard to gather opinions, but…

Originally, professors have the authority to schedule the school schedule.

I hope you know that the student council cannot participate.

I’m sure some of you didn’t come because of the distrust of the student council or professors.

There must be a lot of people who didn’t come because they were lazy…

I was hoping that many people would argue with me so strongly.

I hope so from now on. Some of you might have said the time was weird, but…

It happened because we knew it too late…

Another thing is that the changed school schedule may be better for the first grader. So…

I’m telling you that there were people who thought that way

In the first grade, I will study liberal arts on campus.

Our school is now trying to do that…

How ridiculous was it when we entered the school? This school… That’s right.

There were people who said, “First graders could be

I heard that there were some people who thought it was a good thing for the first graders through the meeting with the professor.

I respect that opinion too…

The professor did not accept the opinion that he would reduce the number of days he spent his first year in Yeongdo from four days to three daysIt is not because I ignore the inconvenience of the club.

If that happens… The choice of first graders in Yeongdo becomes narrower.

So the subject I want to take is Thursday. Neck

With classes in Songdo that will be cursed. So it can be a mess.

If you want to reduce the number of days…In the end, you invited a professor from Songdo and asked for a way to choose between two subjects

I hope you know it’s not because you ignore the club.

What am I saying?

What I’ve said so far is that I’ve explained the truth…

I am never on the side of professors.

Just because you were treated unfairly by the administration of medical school… Not all the kids in medical school are bad.

I don’t think we need to stay apart like this.

Because there is a club, I think that unconditional integration with Youngdo is not absolute either.

The medical school and the administration are separated.

There are parts where the professor gets into the emotion. I see…

But… we want to know that we enjoy a lot of things because of the separation of administration.

In that regard; I think we should be able to thank the professor.

From this year, I hope that my classmates will not be unfair and uncomfortable.

That’s what I’m going to do.

You should participate a lot…

If you don’t participate… Because you don’t know what’s inside. Right? ^: ᄒ: ᄒ

I don’t know what you were talking about, but… Anyway, I will try my best.Haha

Third Session of the Interim Central Steering Committee of the 35th Student Council

■ Inspection of support
(Leader of student council, vice president of student council, Dongyeon, school uniform, graduate, Kyungsang University, engineering college, science college, art college, social college, biomedical college, biological college, natural college, pharmacy, humanities college, oriental medical school)

* Student Council Report
– Report to the Extended Steering Committee
(52 out of 112 participants, gathering opinions on tuition struggle)
– Transfer to student council
(Scheduled to be carried forward on 24th)

* Reporting each platform and autonomous body

■ Topic and discussion

* Tuition struggle
– Report the survey results
– 2000-2003 Budget and accounts, supplementary budget, mid- to long-term development plan
(As required by the 26th, the 2000 supplementary budget, 2001 extra budget, 2003 accounts, mid- and long-term details)
– Requests for additional corporate, hospital, and municipal details

* College Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Grand Canal’)
Art school: Not much support, so I think it would be better for everyone to attend than to draw the Grand Canal now.
Chairman of the General Assembly: Mr. Zoljun, the President of the Night personally requested that we participate in the Grand Canal.
Nature University: Those who are not here had better ask their opinions as a message.
According to the phone call, girls’ association, graders, and nightlife organizations are willing to participate.
Chairman of the Conference: What do you think about increasing the number of members of the Grand National Association from the current four to five?
Birth: Is there a difference between being four and being thinner?
Chairman: It is based on a total of four students, one student council, and two middle and high school students, and it can be added as in the case of 34 students.

Chairman of the General Assembly: Three members of the Central Transport Committee voted two to two and three to 14 to three.
Pharmacology: The candidate is a full-time representative, with the president of the College of Oriental Medicine on the table, and it’s quite ambiguous.
Nature University: So why don’t we pick it temporarily and pick it again later?
Dagger: It’s already set to, and it’s set to, but it’s not a responsibility as a candidate. It would be better to consider that there is no intention of participation.
Dong-yeon: I hope that the representative of the autonomous body, the platform, will be chosen as the representative.
General Studies: Please consider that the Korea Transport Association is a representative of the Central Transport Committee.
Dong-yeon: What about the non-participating heavy transport committee members?
Dagger: Will you vote with six people? We have to decide if only two people who participated will vote.
General: All four members of the committee who were absent expressed their intention.
DECK: Instead of voting with a doctor, you should vote with minimal initiatives or plans. You can’t vote for a faceless person. I’m not saying we’re taking it out, but we’re
General: This is a decision made by the Secondary Transport Committee and cannot be delayed any longer.
Oriental Medicine: Speaking of procedural matters, let’s just have the acting president as a delegate.
Dentistry: Rational.
Oriental Medicine College: Let’s set a line and pick a candidate (a member of the Grand Port of Kwon Han and a member who does not)
General: Well, then I didn’t call you acting at night.
Chidae: I think this decision will be important for the commission to keep its principles.
General Studies: What do you think about the exclusion of women’s studies, night studies?
University of Nature: I agree with the Chief of Dental Arts.
Hankuk University of Medicine: Isn’t it enough to form a grand canal before budget review? We’d better pick next time.
Mr. General: It is an issue that has already been announced at the second meeting and that
Dentistry: The exclusion of women and nightlife is a matter of procedural principles.
Art school: It seems like words keep repeating. Since both of you have expressed your intention, I hope you don’t rule out women’s studies or nightlife.
Chairman: I will decide by a show of hands in the opinion of the Central News Agency. 1- In principle, we should proceed (female, night-out). I’ll go out the first time I’ve expressed my intention.(Ladies, not ruled out at night)
1 to 7 people, 2 to 10 people, decide not to rule out twice
Engineering: What would you do if this happened next time?
Mr. General: In principle I am leaving.(This was decided by the Central Transport Committee.)
Voting (Candidate: Women’s, School Clothes, Graduated Jun, Night, College of Humanities and Oriental Medicine for a total of six persons)
a three-member vote for the Central Flight Commission.
the result of the vote
Woman -2
Subjun -7
Night -11
Oriental Medicine -10
Humanities -9
School uniform -7
Decided to be president of night, oriental medicine and humanities colleges.
Chairman of the General Assembly: Night, Oriental Medicine and Humanities.

*Other agendas
– Commuting bus
School uniforms: The company is Honam Tourism Travel Agency and operates 31 to 32 units per semester. The price is about 160,000 won per week. Night driving is operated three times a day on the previous three times
The school bus management group will participate in the school uniform committee, the director of the school uniform office, the student council president, and the night class president. The monthly cost per unit is 3455,000 won (insurance, oil tax, maintenance, etc.)
Chairman of the General Assembly: I know it as a two-year contract until 2005, but in what case is a breach of contract possible?
School uniform: The school uniform chairman has the data so I’ll check and let you know.

– Teaching Haenoreum Ceremony
Mr. General: I have contacted the china and arranged to meet you sometime next week.

*Putting the next item on the agenda.
Art school: I wish there was a place to set the time and see exactly what the agenda is.
Vice President: It’s in the archives of Chonghak Cafe.
Mr. General: We will contact you again when Tuesday 6 o’clock changes. But I won’t contact you every Tuesday at 6 o’
Art school: You’d better get in touch.
College of Humanities: The Central Transport Committee is the right and duty of the Central Transport Committee. I hope the chairmen will remember us, instead of waiting for us to hear from them.
Mr. General: It is not a problem, but I would like you to consider rights or obligations. I’ll text you.
Humanities University: Can I buy umbrellas or sports goods jointly?
School uniform: I will have an umbrella in January. I’ll announce it then.
Pharmacopoeia: Is a heavy meteorite available on the pottery table?
General Assembly: As a rule, the Interrogation Editing Committee and the Library Self-Governing Committee are omitted. There is a way in which you can enter by asking for attendance.