Who knew that Korean soccer would be

Who knew that Korean soccer would be up to this?

It’s such a shocking fact that it’s been hidden.

That’s right. …How could Korean soccer suddenly fall like this?
Is there!!!!!

Then I’ll reveal what I’ve researched for the first time here!!!! Ah….shivering

First of all, Korea finished third at this Asian Cup. However, participating in the Asian Cup
Han Korean representative

The team was actually the second-best national team player in Korea. a regular first-up
a national team member

was largely absent from the competition. Under these circumstances, Korea has made Yoo Sang-chul.

Despite its worst operation, it ranked third. This is Korean soccer.
one’s real ability

It’s to hide. He also used Yoo Sang-chul as his striker and said, “Some of them.
R.” Sap it.

What we made is to hide Yoo Sang-chul’s world-class skills!!

In fact, not too long ago, a scout for Real Madrid was a real player Yoo Sang-
100% skill

It was belatedly known that he fainted when he saw it. After all, Yoo Sang-chul will play Real Madrid.

The work to take him is now known to the press.

This must be some kind of smoke screen operation to win the 2002 World Cup.
All of

The Korea Football Association also dispatched a second-level representative to the Asian Cup in advance, but 3
I can do the stomach.

I knew there was, and I knew I had the worst tactics, the worst of my career, and then I had to be a little bit
the castle of

The enemy was tested to see if he could reap. In fact, playing at the Asian Cup
department and position

That is a question many people have questioned about. But then there’s this fear.
a time limit

A plot was in existence.

The same goes for Ahn Jung-hwan in Europe. As soon as he made it to Europe, Ahn Jung-hwan said,
‘s know

He played a huge part in the underachieving secret game. So the Peruvian side is Ahn Jung-hwan.
tie in

I used it as a tooth. But with Ahn Jung-hwan’s tremendous performance in Serie A,
of one’s skill

If you get caught, you will be the target of attention at the 2002 World Cup.
A fact!!

In the end, Ahn’s head is the source of Ahn’s ability to hide his ability.
cut off

I threw it away. Ahn Jung-hwan hasn’t been able That is, Ahn Jung-hwan cut his hair.

There was only another reason. But until 2002, Ahn’s head was in full swing.
back-to-back recovery

Until then, Ahn had his hair cut so that he could not exert his power.
Hang it up!

Seol Ki-hyeon, who entered Belgium, recently became a secret when his skills were slowly exposed.

He was taken to an underground torture room at the Korean Embassy in Belgium and received a stern warning. Han
All of

“Shasha,” who will be naturalized this time, will also be involved in the conspiracy the KFA is working on.

Shasha played a brilliant game in professional soccer and enjoyed the invincible Suwon era.
at the time of the throw

He pushed ahead with his work to naturalize Shasha. However, Shasha himself is Japanese.
on one’s way to

It fell through. Here’s one question!! Shasha, who used to fly like that, is Japan
on one’s way to

Why can’t I get a pulse? There are many reasons for toe injury, mother injury, etc.
real reason

If Shasha becomes active on the Japanese stage, Shasha will never come back to Korea.
may come

South Korean spy Kiier (assumed to be a secret agent of the National Intelligence Service) Shasha’s Japanese football
in the dark of life

The sabotage was carried out of his way.

After all, Shasha’s failure in Japanese football was inevitable!!!

Shasha, who then came back to South Korea, will get back the amount of the complaint.

But when she got back to the U.S., Shasha was in the U.S. on the 2002 European qualifying round.
Haish Shashar Province

Called by an alias. Now, instead of a slightly older Miyatovic, it’s the job.

To employ!! But if Shasha were to play the A match in Yugoslavia,
In Korea

The Korea Football Association once again played a handcraft game because they
All of

Eventually, Shasha suddenly decides to become a naturalized Korean citizen.

It will reveal how much money was spent on the naturalization of Korea by Shasha.

But the fact that the astronomical amount was injected is an open secret.
to exist

( Rumor has it that some of his family members of the Yugoslavia were found somewhere underground in the NIS.
a family hostage

There are also intelligence reports that they are being held.)

Shasha’s secret weapon skills will be completely piled up by 2002.
be of

So even if he shovels all the games he’s going to play,

It’s a high-level smoke-and-film tactic, so the fans don’t want to get excited.
All of

The plot goes back to the 98 World Cup.

At the 1998 World Cup, Korea’s Cha Bum-kun division was among the dark market gamblers.

Brazil, France and the Netherlands were mentioned as one of the strongest contenders for the
All of

However, host France pressed South Korea to win their host country.
conciliatory with

The early return of looted cultural assets, high-speed trains, and war.
speculative high-tech transfer

It is said to have offered a back.)

To win the French title, the Korean team asked us to withdraw from the preliminaries.

At that time, France could win any team except Korea.
We talked.

Here the question comes to light. South Korean striker Choi Yong-soo at the 1998 World Cup,

This is why Hwang was absent. Hwang’s knee injury

It was a highly camouflaged tactic. At that time, many fans probably had Choi Yong-soo’s
understandable to

It wouldn’t have been.

A free kick that Ha Suk-ju kicked into the sky against Mexico is an unlucky opponent.
in ‘s head

When I entered, the embarrassed Ha Suk-ju showed me the wit of being sent off a minute later for a minute later.
All of

It was a great sense of impropriety and disqualification. I don’t know that either.
we are

How much did you curse him?

These days, then-French coach Emmezake refuses to accept the Korean coaching position.
the reason for

They are afraid that illegal connections will be revealed at the time.

It’s the same on the Olympic stage!!

Football Association Worried about Exposed Power Should Korea Win an Olympic Gold Medal
in the name of

Korea’s Olympic team’s strength weakened by showing absurd wild cards.
in the scheme of

And a very intelligent conspiracy to fail the preliminaries even after winning two games.
scheming with

It showed crystals. I’m going to make you fall for it.
All of

Currently, Park Jin-seop is on the Commerce team and is training on New Clear Power Shooting.

The real secret base of the Korean soccer team is “Sangmu”!

All the changes are made there.

This is why Park Jin-seop is hesitating a little bit.

The New Clear Power Shoot matched the eagle’s shot with a power shot.

Because it requires great inner workings.

One more thing!!

South Korea is 50 national standing army to win the 2002 World Cup
Dear Won,

He made a secret agreement. So the Korean national team players

By June 2002, more than 70 percent of the skills were not allowed to be
All of

The confidentiality agreement is so tight that even the players’ families cannot feel it.
because it was decided

So far, no one has noticed, but he’s got his radar.
All of

These terrible smoke and secret weapon operations,

It is also a proven method through Belgium, which reached the semifinals in the 86 World Cup.


Indeed, it’s a frightening plot that shakes my teeth…

All these conspiracies are supposed to be held up by executive director Cho Joong-yeon.
All of

That is a great attitude of a saint. We don’t know that until now.

If this is known to the KFA, I’m going to follow the KFA’s track.
a place to be received

At some point, if you don’t see yourself on the bulletin board, you’ve already seen it.

He would have gone into a faraway foreign land, leaving behind the KFA’s pursuit.

It’s a shocking fact.

I don’t know why our national youth team is doing this Asian championship on purposely.
at a party

Did he fail the preliminary round….Why did I give up next year’s World Youth Soccer Championship?

It will be intensively covered.

It was yesterday’s game again…

The game against Norway…

Norway is a huge team that ranks 14th in the world rankings.

Not long ago, there was also a 1:0 victory over Brazil.

But as we saw yesterday, our team was under Hiddink’s leadership.

He had a great ability.

But if Hiddink’s regime is degrading…

The threat of world powers is expected to continue.

We began to crumble.

The first analysis was Sim Jae-won’s nonsense.

Shim Jae-won lost a run on a shot that he was able to clean up lightly.

But pay attention here.

Apparently, Shim Jae-won flipped his right foot to the other side.

The company showcased a high-level technology that provides assistance.

Another goal was scored as soon as Kim Do-hoon came in.

When the score was tied at 2:2, the embarrassed Korean players scored less than 3 minutes ago.

They showed teamwork and skill in losing points!!

After going 3:2, Kim Do-hoon faced a volley following a shoulder-tripping.

At the moment, Kim Do-hoon, who has been on the national team for almost 10 years, shone in there.

If you score that goal…

Kim Do-hoon, who thought so, went straight to the goalkeeper at the moment ago.

He showed great agility.

And his poor acting skills.

As expected, Korea was great!!

It’s scary. What other conspiracy is lurking here?