Due to ski management problems

I heard that our school has a small festival…: I wanted to display something there, so I decided to display the stamps. But I’m worried about which stamps to send. And there’s a risk of loss, so I’m nervous. What should I do? I will pay by the day after tomorrow. Please teach me how to do it by then. May I answer that? 1. Classify stamps first For example: airplanes, animals, plants, mushrooms… 2. Wrap the stamps individually. The method is transparent vinyl. 3. Attach it to A4 paper. 1) It doesn’t have to be A4 paper, it can be Kent or cardboard. 2) We need to glue the stamps and explain them, right? 4. Stick a large piece of paper with a stamp on it. Attach the A4 paper with a stapler in a hard place, such as the inside of the refrigerator box, and secure the outside with transparent vinyl (for house use). * A4 paper and Yongji are divided by drawing lines with a marker (blue if possible), and the title is written in large letters, so I think it would be good to make it stand out. * This is how I tried it when I was in high school. You don’t have to do it if it’s hard.

on this very day
I’ll do what I’ve been putting off for a long time.
I will write a letter, call, organize the desk drawer, and clean the room.
on this very day
I will try to improve myself. petty habits of speech
I’m used to it, but I’m not comfortable with it.
But I won’t try to change someone else’s personality.

on this very day
I will live honestly and truthfully.
I will honestly say that I don’t know what I don’t know and insist that what is right is
I’m ashamed of what I don’t know, until I know what the other person doesn’t.
I’ll wait for your time.

on this very day
I will try to live a positive and creative life.
I’ll think about it again when they give up.
I’ll try another way.
I will not say that failure is a process and completion is never over.

on this very day
I’ll do one good thing for someone.
I will not ask who is my neighbor, but whose neighbor I am.
to help them with anything they don’t notice, and in any case,
I won’t expect any reward.

on this very day
I will find a chance to serve my family.
With a smile on his face, he prepares a little present.
Thank you for the most beautiful day.
Ask your parents how you are and listen to your children.
I will praise God who allowed the family while drinking tea between husband and wife.

on this very day
I’ll have 30 minutes to relax.
I will spend my time reflecting on my behavior and highlighting tomorrow.
But that time will not replace the time of prayer.

on this very day
I’ll start a new start.
a daydreamer
You’re throwing away theorist who’s only planning.
I won’t waste a single life being a spectator.
By today, without blaming yesterday,
I won’t put off today until tomorrow, and I’ll live today.

Uniformism is not an heresy of Christianity, but a completely pseudo-religion. The heresy of Christianity is the Seventh Day Church, the Jehovah Witnesses and so on. Anyway, you’re not upset, are you? I can’t believe it’s sexual! I don’t know if you really? –;; : It’s hot and everyone seems to be on edge. I made the remark because I thought it was a heresy of Christianity, but I guess I didn’t. By the way, sir!Why on earth are you scolding me? T.T.: I thought your name was Ya-han, but you were Mu-seo-bun. (T.T.): I don’t have much time to look into it because of the move. In the meantime, our membership has increased a lot. : And you asked me about your relationship, and I don’t know if it’ll help, but in my case, I told my master and he got me a middle school. It’s not very rough because it’s used, but I connected it with someone who stopped exercising due to unavoidable reasons, and bought it for 350,000 won for three days. It was almost new. And in case of my senior, he bought a 600,000 won bill during the vacation. You donated what you bought so hard to our club. (Laughs) Where there’s a will, there’s a way, I think there’s a good way. Exercise hard and take care of your health on a hot day!

Due to ski management problems, expensive skis are needed.
It could ruin it.
The most important thing about ski management is
It keeps the skier elastic.
Most skiers do skis, then they do skis.
After transport, collect it and keep it in overlapping state.
It’s normal.
After two or three years, the elasticity of the skis is gone.
The rebound is so weak that you can’t feel it.

First, skim and remove moisture.Well.
You come home, you pull your skis on the wall, and the bottom of the plate is upside down.
It’s best to put it on the wall so that it can be seen.
It’s better to do waxing after the next skincare.
This will maintain the elasticity of the skis, and the next season,
You can ski the same way.

And boots are important, too.
Usually when you store your boots, take out your inner boots and bite them enough.
dry and dry
Next, fill the inner boots with newspaper or type of cover.
Keep buckles as tight as possible.
No warping of boots.
I usually buy boots, take one season, and then the next.
I’ve had a hard time putting on boots.
In this case, the long-term storage with the buckles loose is due to
It’s a twist.

And if it’s not too much, then it’s all gone when you’re skimming.
Edge loss is about once a year before the start of the season.
It’s normal if you trim it.

If you keep it like this, you can keep it good for years.
(But if you build up your skills, you have to exchange your skis and boots…)