It happened when I was in fourth

One day in ’83.
It happened when I was in fourth grade in elementary school.
It was autumn when the cold wind was blowing softly.
After finishing my school class, as usual, after class,
I was playing with my friends in the playground.
I think I’ve been playing for a while. Friends go home and playground.
Only me and a few kids were playing.
And that’s when I suddenly jumped at me from a distance.
I find my homeroom teacher.
“Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pil-won (a pseudonym) is huffing…”
We were just surprised…
I was afraid I’d get in trouble for not going home soon.
“Is there a senior here?”
A couple of friends nearby raised their hands with astonishment…
The teacher ran around and saw a girl and a boy.
He picked it up and took it to the teacher’s office.

There was a great debate going on in the teacher’s.
“Here’s… Mr. Kim, I’ve got some fourth-graders.”
“No, Mr. Cho! You can’t bring anyone!”
“Oh! I can’t help it! I don’t have time right now!”
“No! I can’t go! Who’s in charge!!”
“What’s the responsibility? It’s okay. You know you’re not supposed to go!”
“I got a contact today. What am I supposed to do? No!!”
I don’t know what it is, but I ended up going…
With our homeroom teacher, we took a taxi and hurried
He’s headed for somewhere.

After a while, I arrived at a strange elementary school.
When I entered the school gate, there was a banner attached to the building…
– The 1st Annual Science Contest for National Students –
It was interesting…
I thought it was a far cry from us.
Are you watching the competition here?’
It was at the convention hall where the teacher took us.
“Listen! You’re the school’s representative! You need to wake up and do well!”
The four of us froze on the spot.
I looked around, and there were a lot of people who looked like they were studying.
It was here.
A guy like E.T. with thick horn-rimmed glasses…
A skinny girl with short hair and sharp eyes…
And all the other monsters…
It was enough to lose the fighting spirit before we even had a fight.
It was a time when I thought it was appropriate. ^^;
I looked around our team calmly.
Pil-won is in the same class. It’s just naive and simple.
To tell you the truth, he was a little short…
The boy I went with, the girl I’d never seen before…
But I was relieved that the boy seemed to study a little.
I was also working in the Science Department.
I thought, “What’s that?”
“Don’t worry, sir! I’ll do well!!!”
“Yes, I believe you…”

After a while, the competition began.
Four students from each school are working together to solve a given problem.
It was a goal, and the tutor was there, but I couldn’t tell you.
The rule was that there was no.
“Now separate the compounds that we’re giving out by component,
It’s about figuring out what’s in it. Start~”
First, I’m gonna go get the mixture, come back to the lab,
I looked at them head-to-head.
– Beans, corn, rice, sugar, fine sand, iron powder –
You put the strange mixture in front of you, and you’re all dazed.
No one opened their mouths…
I looked around and found the following instruments on the test bed…
alcohol lamp, beaker, tripe, iron plate, magnet, sieve of various sizes,
Thermometers, reagents, spoons, etc.
The other groups were already busy experimenting.
Our team was devastated for a long time.

After a long silence, the boy on our team, who looks “sharp,” makes an opinion.
“But… I’m sure they gave me to use all the equipment here.”
Isn’t that wonderful?
They all nodded.
“That’s right! That’s right! You try it!”
As if our team’s Sharp Man was encouraged by the support of the team.
I lit an alcohol lamp. In fact, the psychology of the first-timers is like playing with fire.
Don’t you like it again?
With the team watching…
He placed a steel plate on top of his cedar and ventured the mixture on it.
We were giving him unlimited trust with wonderful eyes…
I was walking around and cheating on the other team.
Find out one important fact.
We’re the only team that’s lit the alcohol lamp.
“Hey… wait… We’re the only ones who turned it on.”
But Sharpman’s voice remained unmoved.
“We’ll be right!”
And I’ve seen that determination again, and I’ve confirmed my support for it…

After a while…
The iron plate on our alcohol lamp began to smell sweet.
“Wow! Sweet!””
The person who likes with a clear voice was pretty in our team.
When the smell of burning sugar filled the entire lab, the eyes around us looked at us.
I hear whispers everywhere…
‘Isn’t it?’
Even at the moment I doubt it,
She smiles innocent smile while stirring the melted sugar with a spoon.
I was showing you…
My homeroom teacher had a red face.

“Puck! Puck!” Pavababak!”
Again, the grotesque sound and the savory smell attracted people’s attention…
The reason is…
This is because the corn was half burned and the other half was popping.
The other team was looking at a magnet that was picking out the iron powder.
I turn to our team and discover that the corn is missing.
“Hey! Pilwon, what are you eating?”
“You too, it’s a bottle. “Ihihihi, Kang Ni-da”
In a bizarre way, our team succeeds in separating the corn and sugar.
The sugar is melted from the iron plate and the corn is ash.
Pil-won disappeared into his stomach.
Your face turned pale…

But our continued original experiment…
Let me know the fact that I had hard training.
“Hey, what are you going to do with the iron?” The ashes choose magnets!!”
“I’ll do it…”
She took the magnet on the steel plate with confidence, without stopping it.
With the sound of Chuck, the iron plate was attached to the magnet and raised…
The burnt beans, the remains of the rice all fell to the floor…
She waved her hand, and the iron sheet fell upside down on the test bed.
The molten sugar is stuck together. It’s so hot that I can’t even touch it.
Our team, even as a child, is standing there with a sense of something and an expression of absurdity.
I don’t know, but it was clear that it wasn’t a success