Dooly He honed his skills with enthusiasm

Dooly is right. We’re all sisters-in-law and all right.

Maybe he’s standing on the side of the story without realizing it.

Want to

Of course, I’m a sister-in-law and a sister-in-law, but I’m still working on it.

I think she’s just trying to see what she’s lacking.

There were a lot of enemies.

The problem is, she’s trying to do more than I do.

I think it’s somewhere. – Your mother’s personality…

I always think it’s a blessing that I met my parents-in-law like that.

I live, but when I’m not comfortable with my presence in the shade,

I have it.

Besides, he’s the second generation of readers, so his sisters-in-law can’t help themselves.

I think I’m feeling the sense of damage in the process of growth.

On the bright side, he’s a quiet, deep-minded person.

He’s a good and sincere man, but in the negative, he’s blunt.

He’s also a indecisive and frustrating.

Of course, depending on how I feel, I define it as an appropriate element, but…

I’m not a bad person either.

He has a good impression, lively, cheerful, positive, and negatively, he has a lot of thoughts, so he has a lot of worries, lacks patience, and has a pot belly.

Anyway, he’s a man who’s got the right life and he’s aiming for a wonderful life.

Because of my husband’s good image, all the arrows in the “villain” act were meant to me.

It’s pouring into. – In-laws –

So sometimes I tell my husband, “I got married wrong, I can’t see the light.”

I’m grumbling, but I believe the truth will work someday.

No matter what anyone says, the Dory I’m supposed to say is sincerity, regardless of how I feel.

I’ll make you do it’s For myself.

I’m the youngest in my family, but I’m on good terms with both of my sisters.

Like my own sister, I’m going to do life counseling, and I’m gonna get along very well with you know?

Great. Big Olke is a sharp and loving person.

Sometimes she complains in her own way, but the conflict is that she gives her daughters a way to recognize her daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law.

No, we’re definitely on her side.

It’s not rich, but it’s a harmonious house.

Did I talk too much about myself?

Actually, I was a little stressed out about my sisters-in-law.

I can relate to Dooly’s writing.

What are you studying in America?

It is a beautiful era for women who live hard.

Let’s live healthy and hard.

He honed his skills with enthusiasm.

They never stop developing, growing, learning, improving.

“It’s harder if you don’t grind a blunt iron blade. Only wisdom is good to succeed.” (££ 10:10).

To succeed, you need skills as well as hope to excel. Please remember that polishing your blunt tools is never a waste of time.

3) Take responsibility for what you say.

They can be trusted because they are the ones who do what they say they will do.

Since there are few sincere people in society, they are considered very excellent.

“Many men boast of their kindness, and who can meet those who are loyal?” (20:6).

In the long run, reliability wins over talent.

4) Maintain a positive attitude

They do not take a negative attitude, even under pressure, change, or unrealistic requests. The complainant is not good at anything but to complain.

“Do everything without resentment and quarrels, because you are blameless and pure…”

(Bill 2:14-15).
“Do not leave your place if the sovereign causes you anger. “For Gong-soon has made great mistakes.” (££ 10:4).

5) Do more than you expect.

This is the secret to all successful people. Those who only do what is required, and those who manage to do the least amount of work, can never succeed. Jesus…

“If anyone forces a duck to go to you, accompany him and Sipri” (Matthew 5:41).

Oscar Hemerstein talked about seeing the top of the head of the Statue of Liberty in a helicopter. The artist who carved the statue, even though no one would have ever imagined seeing the top

of the statue’s head, saw it very carefully, and he said, “Well, you know, I’m not going to see it.

I was so touched. The artist who carved the statue would never have imagined that someone would fly over the statue from the top! Remember that God is looking down on everything you do when

you are tempted to take a complacent way and think, “No one will know.” Let’s hope you have a week where you do your best!

I’m printing it on sticker paper.The price is all different.

– Sticker paper… Depending on the size

… depending on the purchase (long life)

depending on the type of…

First of all… 5 cm in diameter for skis, 15 cm for boards…600 each… (Too many?)

The type of paper is:
– Rubber

– Paper
Paper print and coat.I’m going to do it.I asked them to find out the price first.

2. Hat, Venang, shirt, hood…

It’s printed…I’m moving on to textile printing, so they’re changing the field.I’m not sure, but…There are approximately two ways…

2-1) How to buy a hat, a backpack, a shirt, and a hood and leave the logo print directly to a textile printing company.

The store that buys the top one…How to buy each of them, pay extra for the logo, and leave it at once…Please make 00 pieces with the logo…The mouse that does it)

Anyway, he said he’d figure out the price.I’ll let you know when I find out.When I get the price tag…Well, if there’s any logo in your head…Together… (I can’t believe you’re going to use it~~~)

That’s why it’s Poo Land.Give me your FAX number.

***** Winter Love, everyone *****

Our pretty Boo Land, you’ve done a lot of hard work.One of our members of the club, the design…Or you’re in a printing profession.Or someone you know…If you’re here, I’d like to have an

introductory argument.Give me some help.

I’m supposed to do something, but…

We’re running out of time.Information… it’s exhausting. (Benang, hat, shirt, hundreds to carry)It’s too much. He’s having a hard time.I really need your help.

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