become missionaries should have an apostolic Holy Spirit

Next, you should not trust the body.
I need to be trained steadily under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
You have to read a lot.
Those who will become missionaries should have an apostolic Holy Spirit theory.
We must accept the Holy Spirit that appeared in the Acts of the Apostles. Otherwise, we’re in trouble.
I accept the Holy Spirit that appeared in Acts 2 of the Apostles and believe it.
You need to be desperate to be guided in the missionary community to trust the body.
You won’t lose. One of the key points of missionary misconduct is that people are the most important part of missionary work.
It’s because he’s the owner. Peter was not the master of the Acts of the Apostle.
Paul was not the master. The main character of the apostle’s action is the Holy Spirit.

You should also be a person who doesn’t have an independent temperament. I didn’t know you’d work with the team.
I need to know. If the chronic disease of the Korean church goes abroad, you’re the boss.
I’m just saying I’m going to do it’s okay. If you look at it, you’re going to set up a missionary group in the country, the theology
I’m teaching and I’m a principal.
It’s not the Lord’s heart. There should also be satisfaction as a helper.
‘I need to help. I will be good enough as the second man.” And when I think about it, God.
You will be honored. It is enough for me, you and God to be honored.
This independent strong temperament should be changed to a subordinate concept. You lose your personality.
Don’t forget to call me. And help people to raise them.
I have to go up.
So, the tendency of the missionaries to become missionaries. But a unique temperament.
He gives glory to God by controlling it well, and takes Moses’ arms like Aaron and Hull.
If you train from now on, you will be a very good missionary.
Then I choose which mission group I will be sent to,

I think we can do it with faith how to finance it next.

It’s no accident.
Today, I had a change of thought,
It was a meeting with some people that Jun-yong was sarcastic about.
C. I’ve been attending Pagoda Academy for 14 months.
They formed a group that was characterized by individuality.
Strong, nice, drinking less than I do.
Ten thousand, and once we took a conversation class together,
People of various occupations and ages. And now the mail.
We met each other while exchanging. Among them, there is one foreigner.
Today was a sudden meeting, a one-sided e-mail from one person.
Because it was a notification, besides, I was on fire, and I was on my own.
You’re a bad nose. Who says your nose is falling on your foot?
He was so impatient that he didn’t have time to spend on that kind of meeting.
It was after he was informed that he would not participate.

One of my current classmates is forcing me to take him.
If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have gone. I’m going to make them feel the same way to go.
We met. A drink or two that looks like you’really?They’re the only they eat.
A snack that looks like a… I’m gonna take their liquor and I’lllllllllllll.
All but me and the one person who took me.
I’m a craftsman. About my complexion they’re talking about.
I’m just impatient and frustrated, even if I want to get away,
He just said no.

First, the nod that I understand how you feel. What are you talking about?
But what would you accept in that fourth-grader situation?
Sent a voice. One of them is the most difficult one. He got a job when I was an M.F.
There are people, and there is an engineering senior in our school.

Second, and this is what they talked about. It won’t work.
With the premise that… you said you wanted to do it, but carefully.
What we talked about… If they go back to fourth grade,
They won’t be as impatient as they were before.
I even think that spending a year or two is nothing.
Well, of course, he’s got a job, so he’s got to listen to everything.
I did it. I was impatient. A little less careful, steady.
As Sun-sook said, without the virtue of slowness, the same expression)
No, it was exactly the same story: getting a job like that, a few.
After all these years, the field and the preparation…

If I can’t teach you how to let go of that impatience,
Seo, but I’m sure you should abandon it and be comfortable.
Everyone was convinced that they could feel it. Slowly and steadily.
I have faith in him.

On my way back home, I’m thinking about my own conclusion.
It was closing. There were at least a few reasons. One is that
I was thinking about my age. That’s what people do when they’re in trouble.
It’s about marriage and making money. Me
I was impatient because I thought I had too many teeth, but they were nabos.
It’s all much more and no more.
Two, I have friends who get a job around me. I’m sure it’s impatient.
They said they couldn’t help this part.
Three, money. You can’t get transportation from your parents after graduation.
It really tightened me up. I really didn’t want to. Sure.
I’ll be next.
Four, the important thing is to prepare enough. And where you want to go.
We have to go in. Get as close as you can… So, the third.
I felt like I had to take the second one, too. I’m afraid of that.
You shouldn’t miss the idea of losing something too big.

If you look at it, you’re drawn too much to things that shouldn’t be taken away. I think the third thing that’s hard is what drives me crazy.
I know it will be the second time. I’m so scared of money when I make it.
It will work, and I envy my friends, so you can try that much.

Actually, I don’t think I’m going to do my best.
I think we need to change the way a little. You’re trying to get too much.
He was greedy. Some things you don’t actually do and some things you want.
Things to do. A lot of what I’ve done is going to be in vain.
Even so, I ended up doing them. And with them,
You can’t get other things at once. as simple as that
I couldn’t find the truth in front of logic. Even right now.
I’ll do my best. Like someone said, what’s ahead is unknown.
I mean, but I won’t be self-confident anymore. That’s a curse.
It’s not more than a seam. I won’t even disparage myself. More than that
He’s always better off.

Did he finally find peace of mind? Or I’m drunk again.
Should I think about it? Or is the darkness of the night a joke again?

I think it’s good. If you get rid of your impatience, there’s no frustration.
Well, at least we can set a time for it to be thrown away.
G. You may not understand, but an unorganized life.
I think I might be able to have fun.

Now, there is only one thing left to be determined by the news of the upcoming employment of many friends. Can you do that? Jaeyoung, you can do that.

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