here today in honor of your enthusiastic support

Distinguished Gyeongnam residents and the Gyeongnam Education Family,
I’m standing here today in honor of your enthusiastic support.

First of all, I would like to thank the distinguished guests, including Jang In-tae, acting governor of South Gyeongsang Province, for joining me despite your busy schedule to congratulate me on my inauguration. In addition, I sincerely thank the school management committee members for electing me as the 13th superintendent of the Gyeongsangnam-do Education Office.

Today I feel a sense of time calling with overwhelming emotion. Trusting the keen interest of South Gyeongsang residents and the united strength of the South Gyeongsang education families, I pledge to make every effort for the next four years to develop Gyeongnam education with an educational conscience and mission.

The 21st century we live in is the “century of education” where intellectual property drives quality of life and social development, which requires more active function than ever before. Therefore, the world is now striving to enhance national competitiveness by strengthening its commitment and mission to public education.

It’s human that changes society, and education that changes that human being. So education is our hope.
In response, I will emphasize the autonomy and responsibilities of schools to bring trust and hope to school sites, and make every effort to ‘trusted schools, moving education’ with new ideas and hopeful education blueprints.

Based on the great achievements of the past superintendents, we will further develop good initiatives and make up for what has been lacking. Above all, I promise to humbly gather the people’s affection for education and opinions from all walks of life and carry out a confident administration, and express my ambition to open a new chapter in Gyeongnam Education.

Under the 2004 Education Index called ‘Encouraging competent and creative citizens in the world,’ Gyeongnam Education will continue to implement four major initiatives: ‘Education that strengthens basic and basic education skills,’ ‘Personality Education that instills correct character,’ ‘Information Society Response Education,’ and ‘Support Administration that the Education Community is satisfied with.’

First, I will strive for education that strengthens basic education and basic education.

The future society demands higher mental functions, such as creativity and thinking, with the intelligence that is essential for an individual to live a happy life.
These advanced mental functions must be based on a strong basic and basic academic background. Therefore, we will focus our education on establishing basic and basic education and improving our natural talent and function.

Second, I will work on character education that instill correct character.

The human being who will live in the new era should be a part of the community and be associated with others. We must not only be able to defeat others in an era of limitless competition, but also a person of morality who is able to care about human welfare and the future as well as himself, his family and neighbors.
In this way, we will focus on establishing debate culture and internalization of student self-governing activities and strengthening basic living habits and practice-oriented personality education, expanding opportunities for extensive reading and diverse hands-on learning to cultivate democratic citizens’ qualifications.

Third, I will work hard on education for knowledge, information and society response.

Today’s knowledge-based society is an age of knowledge information, where the ability to create new knowledge and information is more important than the memorization of fragmentary knowledge, as the amount of knowledge and information is exploding and the life cycle of knowledge is short.
To help our students in South Gyeongsang Province stand confidently on the world stage of unlimited competition as good and competent Koreans, we will implement various initiatives to enhance the effectiveness and practical use of the already established educational information infrastructure.

Fourth, I will realize the support administration that the education community is satisfied with.

We will establish an open educational administration with teachers, parents and communities all in the center and shift the educational climate from ‘watching education’ to ‘participating education’.
The direction of all education administration will be that, but especially education administration that plans and supports human growth should be developed not by the dogma of one or two people, but by the self-reliance and rational agreement of community members. We will implement a service-oriented educational administration that helps creative practice, not an instructional and control administration.

Distinguished residents and education families!

Our education is in a very difficult situation. But I think this challenge could be a blessing in disguise for a breakthrough. We have the ability and potential to leap forward. We should work together to save the pride and trust of Gyeongnam Education. We must show our students the image of Gyeongnam Education, which gives them dreams and hopes and parents trust and satisfaction.

Distinguished Education Family!

I am committed to pursuing an educational administration that is trusted by common sense and order, and to nurturing the talent that the new era needs. If it’s an educational issue that we need to open our minds and put our heads together, we’re going to get closer and listen to the small voices louder, and we’re going to have a serious discussion with anyone. We sincerely hope that you will also be a self-reliant partner who is jointly responsible for presenting constructive alternatives.

As an education superintendent who respects fair, clean and reasonable procedures with a firm belief that ‘education is the only hope, and education should change when times change,’ I will repay the support of the education families and residents of South Gyeongsang Province. I will do my best to become an education superintendent who doesn’t fall short of your expectations and is not ashamed.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported me until today, and hopefully open the future of Gyeongnam Education by leading change and development.

The symbol of ideals and dreams, the yellow of Gogh.

The person who likes yellow is the person who has bright personality like the sun and is sociable
They are said to have a strong desire to participate in society, pursuing a rich and noble ideal.
The yellow itself symbolizes “pure”, “friendship”, “wealth and authority”, “jil-tu”, “jik-hye”, “reasonable thinking”, etc.
It’s a variety of things, but the artists of the time are, in a sense, in a sense, or in a sense, in a way.
Let’s find out what emotions yellow was used to convey.

Vincent van Gogh, the late 19th century master of post-inflationism,
He is a representative painter who used yellow very often.
His life was a continuation of pain and sorrow,
Gogh did not lose his dreams and ideals in his deep faith.
The path chosen by the artist amid conflicts between ideals and reality is the path taken by the artist.
He tried to achieve his ideals and dreams in real life through painting.
Especially, they painted a world of such an ideal using yellow.

## Yellow symbolizing nature’s blessings——————————————————

Van Gogh / The Harvesting Scro / 1888 / Vincent Van Gogh National Museum, Amsterdam

In the early days, Gogh painted simple lives of farmers and poor people in dark colors.
Then, his paintings become brighter and simpler as he was influenced by the New Artist and Japanese woodblock prints during the Paris period.
When his paintings reached their zenith, they were in the Arles period.
His native style of painting, powerful and mature, was completed

Van Gogh was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape under Arles’ blazing sun.
There, the beautiful nature was carried to the canvas to its fullest extent.
The painting is a scene of a rich harvest, with a field of wheat colored in golden color on a wide plain shining under the blessing of the sun.
sowing seeds and harvesting their harvests;
There is a warm gaze from Gogh, who longed for living in compliance with the laws of nature.

## Yellow symbolizing hope and joy————————————————————

Gogh /